Sunday, 13 March 2011

My kitchen isn’t very big as I’m rented accommodation at the moment. I’m hoping by the end of the year my partner Paul and I will have bought our own house and I can create my dream kitchen. One of the reasons I’ve decided to hold of cake making and decorating for a couple of months is because I have a lot of exciting things coming up. One of which is a 10 week cake decorating course. I’m been baking for years and only on the last couple of years have I discovered I have what some say a "niche" for cakes! After all I do come from a very skilful family. My older sister Heather (I’m youngest of 3) runs her own successful business as a Interior Designer/Colour Consultant, ( I’ve watched in awe as her business and skills have increased and her natural eye for colours is becoming increasingly popular. So this brings me back to me, well and you. I’ve noticed through the last couple of years being self taught has it’s down falls, but it’s incredible highs! People have commented that the cakes are moist, light and well yes to brag a little delicious! However as humans we are so critical of ourselves. That in it’s self is a totally different subject to which I will refrain from going into. Although the texture, aroma, colour and taste of the cakes are delicious. I always seem to find the flaws. Which is why I’ve decided to go do a cake course. Inspiredcreations ( where I’m doing the course offers a variety of courses including day courses. I attended a day course a few weeks back and created a small bouquet of orchids.
I will say I really enjoyed making these orchids. It’s quite time consuming and a very delicate process using wirers and edible icing. I will say long glamorous finger nails are not ideal for delicate cake crafting. 
My conclusion for today is for you to check this website out… I love it!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

hello world!

this is the beginning of an epic adventure of the indulgence of baking, sculpturing and designing of cakes! After all who doesn’t like cake, right? Please join me as I learn, explore and share my passion for cake decorating, so step into my kitchen for a slice or two...